Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tetanus booster shots- not optional

Tetanus immunizations are an over-looked gardening tool. My fellow U of Mn Master Gardeners are reminding folks to check their shot status. Those who have not had a booster within 10 years need to get this taken care of--over 40% of us are overdue. Scraps and cuts are pretty routine while working in the garden and the Tetanus bacteria can enter the bloodstream through the dirt. Its reported that nearly twenty-percent of tetanus cases result in death.

While you are planning your plant list, tool needs and compost needs, put your booster shot on there too. For more information :

Oh yeah, gloves help too.


  1. I am not a gardener and I don't play one on TV and perhaps this is why I never put this together and made the connection.

    Very good advice.

    Bob Kaufer
    Z Health For Life

  2. Just got my booster last week. I actually have a much harder time keeping track of my work gloves than remember to get a shot.

    Diatomic Design

  3. All this Tetanus talk apparently inspired me to step on a rusty nail this afternoon. Ouch!