Monday, February 22, 2010

What to do about my Ash Tree?

U of Mn Extension compiled a resourceful list of FAQ's, links and resources on the topic of Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) for the Ramsey County Master Gardeners. I am sharing an edited version of it here because of its completeness. The Hamline Midway Environment Group made a key addition though- Don't forget to plant trees!

You cannot move untreated firewood out of the quarantined counties of Houston, Hennepin and Ramsey:

Think you have a tree with EAB?
  • Read the “Do I Have EAB” sheet.
  • Call the MDA’s “Arrest the Pest Hotline” 651-201-6884(Metro) or 1-888-545-6884 (Greater MN).
Should I treat for EAB? You should treat for EAB ONLY if:
  • The environmental, economic, and time costs of treating is less than the cost of replacing the tree
  • You are willing to treat your ash tree every 1-3 years for the tree’s ENTIRE LIFE
  • Your ash is less than 10-15 miles from a known EAB infestation.
  • Your ash is a beautiful specimen worth saving.
  • You properly apply, store, & dispose of any leftover chemicals.
What Can I Do to Help?
  • The Hamline Midway Environment Group says "Plant a tree!"
  • Do Not Move Firewood, not even within MN. Respect the quarantine.
  • Prune trees & shrubs at the right time (to avoid the sap attracting EAB).
  • Be aware of EAB and its symptoms.
  • Understand that you CANNOT IDENTIFY EAB by looking at a tree, as an Ash tree can look bad for other reasons.
Where do I get rid of Ash wood?EAB websites
Want Even More EAB details?

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